LaSynge Guyton, PHD-ED

LaSynge Guyton, PHD-ED is an experienced educational instructor, and highly accomplished instructional coach who is well-respected among her peers.  She currently an instructional coach at an elementary school in Georgia. The credibility that she has earned with teachers and administrators, as well as across the district, is underpinned by her expertise in strategic planning and Leadership in two states, Georgia and Louisiana.  Dr. Guyton’s position as coach encompasses several roles to include strategic direction, tactical leadership, and professional development efforts at the school and district levels.  However, the primary focus of her work is to improve the academic setting through more one-on-one and small group support for teachers.  The crux of her work is grounded in evidence-based best practice strategies and the instructional processes with the goals of increasing student engagement, advancing student achievement, and building teacher capacity in schools.  Under Dr. Guyton’s leadership, and by working with teachers and other school leaders, there have been 6% gains in the use of evidence-based practices into classrooms as determined by schoolwide assessment data.  She has extensive knowledge in the use of data and disaggregating data in all content areas, implementing instructional programs, scheduling trainings, conducting observations, and providing or arranging professional development activities for teachers.  Moreover, Dr. Guyton has developed comprehensive systems, programs, and models for K-8 instruction to support school achievement through data-driven decision making, standards-based curriculum, comprehensive assessments, and standards-based professional development.  For instance, she has successfully implemented DREAM to STREAM (Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Math), a program that bridges the gaps in content areas and brings the community in as partners in education with the local school.  In addition to Dr. Guyton’s current position as Instructional Coach, she is the President and CEO of Academic 1st LLC an Educational Consultant and Management Company.  Her work has also expanded into consulting as an independent researcher specifically synchronizing data and developing reports for clients.

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