Jason D. Wright

Jason D.  Wright is a native of Pennsylvania and has been working with children since the age of 15. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a masters and specialist degree in Education and is on the final stage of completing his doctorate.  Mr. Wright currently serves as an Academic Coach at Fairview Elementary located in Stockbridge, GA and the founder of the all-boys mentoring club “The Gentlemen of Fairview”.  His professional experience includes:

  • Breaking the color barrier becoming the first African- American youth worker at a Jewish community center in an exclusive area in Pittsburgh

  • Working for 3 years as a youth counselor for adjudicated delinquents teaching life skills and G.E.D classes for high risk teens

  • Volunteering as a teacher for a local church in Dekalb County, GA. helping dozens of adults advance professionally by earn their G.E.D.

  • Appearing on a local news channel with his class for creating a start-up business and donating a large percentage to community homeless shelters

  • Serving in education for over 19 years receiving teacher of the year honors from two different school districts

Mr. Wright believes that a child’s true education requires a tireless commitment from people in and outside of the school setting and from all walks of life. As a father of two school aged children, Mr. Wright strongly believes that any child, regardless of environment, personal limitations or challenge, can learn and create an indelible impact on society with the aid of a support system dedicated to ignite the intrinsic purpose that we all possess.

Tel: 404-660-1807


P.O. Box 1825, Stockbridge, GA  30281

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